Rob vs Dana the Machinist
Rob has 289 Wins and 28 Defeats


Dana the Machinist takes on Rob in this episode of Rob's College. Rob lost yesterday..let's see how he does today!



Kenny Chesney turns 45 today – he was married to this star of Jerry Maguire for a short time several years back – who is she?

This cook from the Food Network who was recently diagnosed with diabetes says her weakness is French fries…who is she?

Bill Cosby was recently asked why people enjoy his sweaters so much – he said he has no idea. Name  two cosby kids – the characters, not the actors.

The Kids Choice Award for favorite animated movie went to this film that is a play on the old school video games. The movie came out fairly recently too…what movie was that?

Scott Baio was on with Rachel Ray – name one of the sitcoms he is known for?


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