Rob vs Danny the Retail Guy
Rob has 233 Wins and 18 Losses


Rob has 233 wins - but now he is about to encounter Danny from RP! Will Danny graduate from "Rob's College?" Find out here. AND just for playing Danny is gonna get his Giants World Series DVD's! Super fun! Listen to Rob vs Danny!


Neil Patrick Harris was on recently with Kelly and Michael – when he was a kid he got his start on which sitcom?

This late night talk show host who has lots of cards has been nominated the funniest late night guy – who is he?

Taylor Swift was seen holding her new boyfriend Harry Styles hand at 4am the other day – what boy band is Harry a part of?

Nick Lachey was kicked out of a Chargers game the other day – who is his ex?

The final chapter in Christian Bale’s Batman Trilogy is out on DVD this week. What’s it called?

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