Rob vs Tracy the pre-school teacher from Cotati
Rob has 228 Wins and 16 Losses


Tracy the pre-school teacher is gonna try to SCHOOL Rob at his OWN game this time around in Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge - don't forget to sign up for YOUR chance to play here:

TMZ says that the actor who used to use the phrase “Winning” gave Lindsay Lohan 100,000 dollars to help with her taxes – who is he?

Chevy Chase is leaving Community –he starred in a movie that millions of American’s make a part of their holiday movie viewing tradition – what movie?

Lindsay Lohan was in the movie Liz and Dick the other night – what piece of jewelry was she accused of stealing in 2010?

Barack Obama went Christmas shopping  the other day – maybe he bought something for his kids – who are they?

Extreme Cougar Wives was on the other night on the channel that had John and Kate Plus 8, and the Duggar Family – what channel is this?

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