Rob vs Jodi from Nancy's Fancy's!
Rob has 227 Wins and 16 Losses


We're still giving you the hookup on the Giants DVD's so you can see their WHOLE season from Spring Training to their SF Victory parade! Jodi, who runs Nancy's Fancy's plays in this edition of "Rob's College" - she'll get the DVD's just for playing...but can she beat Rob at his own game?

Selena Gomez went to the doctor for strep throat – she may have spent the night before partying with her on again. Off again boyfriend – who is he?

Justin Timberlake’s wife was on David Letterman the other day – what’s her name?

Mariah Carey has reconciled with her newest enemy – who is that enemy?

Gabby Douglas is one of Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012  what Olympic Sport is she known for?

One of the top holiday films is the one  that put Macaulay Culkin on the map – what is that?


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