Rob vs Tim the Aluminum Boat Man from Cotati
Rob has 224 Wins and 16 Losses


Tim makes aluminum boats! And he's ready to take on Rob in this game of Hollywood Trivia! Listen to see if Tim beats Rob. Just for playing, we're gonna send Tim to lunch! Let's see if Tim graduates from Rob's College - AND don't forget to sign up for your chance here!

There’s going to be a Jersey Shore spinoff – oh goody. Name a Jersey Shore character.

Channing Tatum is People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive, in the past Indiana Jones and this guy who played the lead in Braveheart were nominated in the past – who are they?

Brad Pitt and Angelina’s kids allegedly have food fights at a pizzeria in Missouri – name one of their kids?

Shania Twain rode into Caesars Palace on a horse – did you know Shania was not born here? What country was she born in?

Bruce Jenner is allegedly consulting a divorce attorney – what sport did he win the gold medal in in the Olympics?



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