Rob vs Tim from Johnny Franklins
Rob has 223 Wins and 16 Losses


This week you get the hook up on lunch from Rob and Joss! Tim from Johnny Franklins in Santa Rosa is gonna take on Rob and test his Hollywood Skills. 'Course he wins lunch just for playing - BUT let's see if he graduates. Listen to how annoyed he sounds saying "Magic Mike"

Channing Tatum has been named the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine – he starred in this movie with Matthew McCoughnehey about men who enjoy the art of dance…what movie?

Joe Biden Made a cameo on this tv show – finish the title “Where in the World Is…..”

Christina Applegate was recently on Jimmy Kimmel – what show did she get her start on?

Judge Wapner turns 93 today – what was his court tv show called?

Katy Perry hid under a table when her ex husband walked in…what is his name?


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