Rob vs Rob the Murse (Male Nurse) from Petaluma
Rob 221 Wins and 15 Losses


Rob is a "Murse" a Male Nurse and he's from Petaluma! He'll be playing in this episode of Rob's College for some free food. Let's see if this Murse can take down Rob!

Billy Ray Cyrus started a rumor that his daughter is going to hve three weddings. She says she’ s only having one – what’s her name?

Vanessa Manillo has turned 32 – she is married to Jessica Simpsons ex –who is he?

Kristie Alley says she had a kiss or two with the man who is now married to Kelly Preston – who is he?

Another celebrity birthday is the guy who created Hells Kitchen – he stars in it too – what’s his name?

Honey Boo Boo’s new pet chicken is named Nugget. She used to have a pet named Glitzy – what kind of animal was Glitzy?



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