Rob vs Anthony the Construction Guy from Cotati
Rob has 220 Wins and 15 Defeats


Anthony is a construction worker from Cotati and he's taking on Rob in this episode of "Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge" - he will get some food and music just for playing our game. See if he can beat Rob - either way, he gets the food! Sign up for YOUR chance to play here:


Here's the questions:

Blake Shelton did a duet with his female co-judge from The Voice – who is she?

Top Gun 2 has been postponed. Who was the main star in the original one?

Jerry Seinfeld is hosting a comedy show to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy – name another character from the show “Seinfeld”

Rebecca Romijn just turned 40 – she used to date John Stamos – what family sitcom was he known for that took place in San Francisco?

48,000 people voted for Roseanne as President. She used to have the show Roseanne. Name one of her daughterson the show?


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