Rob vs Sarah the Mom
Rob has 217 Wins and 15 Defeats


 Sarah is a mom and she is ready to take on Rob in this game of Hollywood Knoweledge. Just for playing - we're gonna give her some free food!

Clint Eastwood and his wife may be breaking up. Name a Clint Eastwood movie.

Ann Romney is mad at Cher – who was Cher married to very early in her career – their marriage was part of their act –

Will Ferrel really wants you to vote – he will dance and eat garbage – what movie was he in where he played Ron Burgandy in San Diego?

Levi Johnston wore camoflauge at his wedding to his new chick – who did he have his first child with?

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend have broken up. Her name is Erin Heatherton. Name one of his other exes?


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