Rob vs Raylene the Phlebotomist
Rob has 207 Wins and 13 Losses


Raylene is a phlebotomist from Lake County and she is ready to take Rob ON in Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge so that she can go to Blind Scream Haunted House and the House of Zombies! Will she win the game? Will Rob? Find out here!


Men’s Health has named this Olympic Swimmer with the most medals ever as the “Fittest Man of All Time”

Will Smith is hosting a Barack Obama fundraiser – what show did he star on in the early 90’s where he lived with his rich family?

Rumor has it Taylor Swift is having relationship issues with her boyfriend – who is her boyfriend?

Ashton Kutcher is TV’s highest paid actor making 24 million dollars in one year – what show is he on?

Hugh Laurie came in second place...what show was he on?


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