Rob vs Nichole the Lawyer
Rob has 199 Wins and 11 Losses


Rob may just get his 200th win in this game. He has said that if he wins this episode, he is retiring the whole game FOREVER!!! So, for the survival of Rob's College, Nichole the Lawyer has to win!!!! She's played Rob before and tied 4 to 4. How will she do this time?


JUST for playing along, all players this week grab tickets to the Sonoma County Harvest Fair!


The lead singer of Trick Pony and Healdsburg Native turns 42 today…who is she?

John Travolta is making a Christmas Album with his main co-host from Grease – who is that?

The Honey Boo Boo show got spoofed by the cartoon that has the characters Kenny and Cartman…what cartoon is that?

Keith Urban sat between the two female judges on American Idol the other day as they hurled insults at each other…who are they?

Donnie Walhberg was recently on a show called Watch What Happens  Live – what late 80’s boy band was he in?


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