Rob vs DJ the Mom, Nanny and Student!
Rob has 195 Wins and 10 Defeats!


D.J. is a mom, student and nanny! So, this lady really needs a break! Rob and Joss are happy to give her the hook up on Santa Rosa mile tickets for the motorcycle racing at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds! Let's see if DJ graduates from Rob's College!


Donald Trump was saying The Emmys are all about politics  and that’s why his reality show has never won an Emmy…what’s the name of his reality show?

Kim Kardashian went to the beach with her sister the other day – it’s the sister that has two kids…what sister is that?

Tom Hanks drove around LA with his Emmy tape to his hood the other night – who is his wife?

Katie Holmes called her exboyfriend Joshua Jackson after her break up with Tom – what TV show did they star on together?

Heather Locklear is celebrating a birthday – what TV show did she star on a few years back with Michael J Fox?



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