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Johnny Garlics Grilled Peppered Tri Tip with Balsalmic Reduction Sauce with Guid Moc Shoe

Posted 6/9/2014 9:31:00 AM

On thing to remember - if the recipe says that something should be cut before you marinate it (or do whatever with it) have the butcher do it! For the tri tip, I kinda didn’t read the part about it needing to be cut. No big deal, I did it myself...but I thought “Dang, this would have been so much nicer, easier, prettier if the butcher had done it!


Other than that - the Johnny Garlics Grilled Peppere Tri Tip with Balsalmic Reduction Sauce was actually pretty easy to make! AND making a reduction sauce is rather fun, and tasty. You will impress your guests and they will really think you are quite the guru in the kitchen when you tell them  you’ve made a REDUCTION SAUCE for their meat. They will feel quite special.


Guid Moc Shue is a corn based side dish. Pretty good really. Guy ...

3 P Pizza Party!

Posted 4/24/2014 12:02:00 PM

Guy Fieri’s 3 P Pizza Party!

There is no picture in the book to go with this recipe. I am not sure why…but there just isn’t. There IS however a cute picture of Guy and his sister serving appetizers at a party! I quite liked that.

But it took me a good few times of looking at the recipe to figure out what a “3 P Pizza Party” was. Is it a dip? Is it an assortment of cheese and crackers? What are the P’s? I am still not sure.

BUT when I finally figured it out – I was very excited to realize it’s a PIZZA DIP! Yes, all of the goodness of pizza in a warm dip. Perfect to impress friends and dazzle loved ones at your next gathering.

I made it as an appetizer to go before our Easter Dinner (I know – not quite a traditional ...

Chorizo Clams!

Posted 4/24/2014 11:49:00 AM

Usually, when I make shellfish, I share my shellfish (well, we wouldn’t want to be SHELLFISH would we? Ahahaha) I shared my Linguini and clams with my mother. I shared my mussels with both of my parents. BUT for the Chorizo Clams…I kept them all for myself!

There was no major issue or adventure with this recipe. It was easy and the result was good. AND it was fun to make.

This is an interesting recipe – because it’s not the regular ol’ clams in butter and lemon and white wine. It’s got that signature Guy Fieri taste. A bit of spice, a bit of cilantro, a bit of tequila. I only made a pound and a half of clams…because let’s face it, clams ain’t cheap! BUT with some bread for dipping and a little side salad, it made quite a nice meal. AND I was able to sit down ...

Cheddar Transporter Soup

Posted 3/10/2014 12:40:00 PM

Guy Fieri Cheddar Transporter Cheese Soup

My mom liked this recipe! So you know it has to be quality. Cuz my mom doesn’t run around saying she likes things that she doesn’t like.

What I liked about this recipe was the mix of vegetables in it. When you’re eating the soup – you don’t seem ‘em floating around in there, cuz they are all blended up. BUT you can taste them. The red pepper was my favorite.

Guy is right in the description of this soup. It is NOT a “wow, did I just eat a bowl of nacho cheese here?” kinda soup. It has the texture and consistency of most other soups – but a really good cheese flavor.

The only thing I would change is that I would add less beer to the soup (yes! I said it! Less beer…but hey, less beer in the soup- more in ...

Buffalo Balls!

Posted 3/10/2014 12:37:00 PM

So HERE is something weird…you cannot find ground chicken anywhere. AND you cannot give the butcher at your store (or at least not at the store I went to) boneless, skinless chicken thighs and have them ground them! It’s against the rules!

Here’s why I bring this up. The recipe for Guy Fieri’s Buffalo Balls calls for Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs ground up to “chili grind.” I do not have a meat grinder, and I don’t really have plans to get one right now. So – I set off looking for how I could accomplish this – and had to settle on Ground Beef (it was chuck steak or something)

The main goal of this recipe is to make meatballs that kinda taste like buffalo wings and cover them in buffalo sauce. The meatballs are stuffed with blue cheese – which is a big plus.

So – this whole thing ...



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