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Johnny Garlics Grilled Peppered Tri Tip with Balsalmic Reduction Sauce with Guid Moc Shoe
Posted 6/9/2014 9:31:00 AM

On thing to remember - if the recipe says that something should be cut before you marinate it (or do whatever with it) have the butcher do it! For the tri tip, I kinda didn’t read the part about it needing to be cut. No big deal, I did it myself...but I thought “Dang, this would have been so much nicer, easier, prettier if the butcher had done it!


Other than that - the Johnny Garlics Grilled Peppere Tri Tip with Balsalmic Reduction Sauce was actually pretty easy to make! AND making a reduction sauce is rather fun, and tasty. You will impress your guests and they will really think you are quite the guru in the kitchen when you tell them  you’ve made a REDUCTION SAUCE for their meat. They will feel quite special.


Guid Moc Shue is a corn based side dish. Pretty good really. Guy is right, if you’re going to make a side dish, make it big. This would be a great alternative to the plain corn served at a Thanksgiving meal. For me - I would add a touch less flour next time - but overall it was pretty good!

Sorry, no adventures or thrills with these recipes! Just a good meal!

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