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3 P Pizza Party!
Posted 4/24/2014 12:02:00 PM

Guy Fieri’s 3 P Pizza Party!

There is no picture in the book to go with this recipe. I am not sure why…but there just isn’t. There IS however a cute picture of Guy and his sister serving appetizers at a party! I quite liked that.

But it took me a good few times of looking at the recipe to figure out what a “3 P Pizza Party” was. Is it a dip? Is it an assortment of cheese and crackers? What are the P’s? I am still not sure.

BUT when I finally figured it out – I was very excited to realize it’s a PIZZA DIP! Yes, all of the goodness of pizza in a warm dip. Perfect to impress friends and dazzle loved ones at your next gathering.

I made it as an appetizer to go before our Easter Dinner (I know – not quite a traditional appetizer for Easter)

This was a very easy and fun thing to make. Again, not big issue or adventure with cooking this. I just made it on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with my mother sitting at my kitchen island keeping me company and a breeze blowing through the window. I served it with little pieces of French bread.

I DID overcook the pepperoni a bit. My mother actually didn’t mind – she said she was ok with the crunchy pepperoni and she took the leftovers home to serve to her guests (hope they’re not reading this and seeing that they are getting leftovers!)

NOW – you could actually dress this recipe up with whatever you’d like to have on your own pizza. Next time, I might add some spicy sausage and black olive to it.

This will be one I keep on hand for parties, pot lucks, or whatever else might come up.

I can NOT find the recipe for this online…so you’ll have to buy the book!

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