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Chorizo Clams!
Posted 4/24/2014 11:49:00 AM

Usually, when I make shellfish, I share my shellfish (well, we wouldn’t want to be SHELLFISH would we? Ahahaha) I shared my Linguini and clams with my mother. I shared my mussels with both of my parents. BUT for the Chorizo Clams…I kept them all for myself!

There was no major issue or adventure with this recipe. It was easy and the result was good. AND it was fun to make.

This is an interesting recipe – because it’s not the regular ol’ clams in butter and lemon and white wine. It’s got that signature Guy Fieri taste. A bit of spice, a bit of cilantro, a bit of tequila. I only made a pound and a half of clams…because let’s face it, clams ain’t cheap! BUT with some bread for dipping and a little side salad, it made quite a nice meal. AND I was able to sit down and eat every last clam and keep them allll to myself. You don’t think I’m SHELLFISH do you? Ok. Sorry.

Here's the Recipe!

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