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S'more Pizza
Posted 3/10/2014 11:52:00 AM

Here’s a secret for you. I don’t know what the big whoop about S’mores is. I don’t think they taste that great, I think they are awkward to eat, and I think they are hard and messy.

That being said, I LOVE the combination of melted chocolate and marshmallows. There is a restaurant in Windsor that has baked hot chocolate – and it is HEAVEN. HEAVEN IN A CUP.

This S’more is Heaven on a pizza crust. I LOVED IT. I got the chocolate at Trader Joes near their checkout line btw. This one is def. worth making again.

I gave Rob some and he complained of a “woody” taste. I honestly think this was the toasted almonds. I think I over toasted them. SO you can avoid that by not being like me and over-toasting them…or I suppose you could omit them.

Overall an easy, good recipe that will be sure to impress guests. Also, beating the bag of graham crackers into a fine dust with a tenderizing hammer was a very big thrill.

The pics are the pizza without the toasted grahama cracker topping and with the toasted graham cracker topping.

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