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Good Pho You!
Posted 3/10/2014 11:31:00 AM

Good Pho You

People LOVE this soup – so, to be able to make it in your own kitchen is amazing. BUT it takes time and ingredients. So – be ready to commit to some shopping and cooking and you’ll have hot, steaming pho in your hand before you know it.

Here’s the deal.

I had NEVER made my own broth for anything before (there is a recipe in Guy’s book for chicken stock– but I haven’t done it…meaning I have used store bought stock and broth for all of his soup recipes) Now that I know that I CAN make broth though – my confidence to make that chicken soup stock has been increased.

The broth for this soup contains neck bones, knuckle bones and marrow bones. Being that I’ve never needed these parts before, I’ve never looked for them…therefore, I had no idea where to get them. I couldn’t imagine where I would get knuckles, bones and marrow. But what was SO COOL is that as I was brining this up on the show – Guy Fieri called! He recommended G&G Supermarket – and he was right. I went over to the one on College Avenue and found the parts!

Another ingredient I’d never heard of before was White Star Anise. NOW if  you are looking for this – it’s in the spice section of the store. The kind I found was NOT white – but I used it anyways. If you’ve never seen it, it’s pretty cool, cuz it looks like little stars! You only get about five in a little box – so keep that in mind.

The other thing you’ll need is cheese cloth. This was easily found in the kitchen section at the store. I also needed kitchen twine and I can NEVER FIND THIS! Butchers in grocery stores are usually nice enough to give you some for your current recipe and sometimes a bit for the future…but really, I’d like my own twine. Why is it so difficult to find this stuff? Is there some kind of underground twine market that I don’t know about?

Here’s what I liked about the soup – the broth was very good and all the fresh ingredients and sauces added made it awesome! It had a VERY fresh taste to it.

I think that my sirloin was cut too thickly at the butchers, so it didn’t cook as well under the boiling broth as it should have. The ground chuck was ok too – but honestly, I am not sure if I would add meat again to this soup (even if it’s supposed to be there) because I found that my meat came out a bit too gamey. Usually if something like this happens – I blame it on myself…not on the recipe. That is the case in this recipe as well.

I would also add less coriander to the little cheese cloth bag. It was fun to cook up the spices – but the coriander made it pretty sweet. But that is just my taste.

I DID though freeze the rest of the broth for future uses. I can hardly wait to bust it out again for more Good Pho You…or some other lovely concoction on a cold, rainy night.


This recipe was REALLY hard to find online  - here is the ingredient list. You'll have to give me a call or pick up Cookin' It, Livin It, Lovin' It for the instructions:



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