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Spicy Steamed Mussels, The French Pig Pizza and the State of My Mother's Kitchen
Posted 2/9/2014 10:49:00 AM

Well, it’s the first time this has ever happened (I think), I made an entire recipe and FORGOT to take a picture. I was SO EXCITED to make these Spicy Steamed Mussels – I FORGOT to take the picture. You’ll just have to take my word for it that I made the recipe…but I forgot the picture!

Sometimes I get so excited to eat...and I am so hungry...the picture takes an extra effort!

I made this for my parents with some rice and it was VERY well received. Not everybody will eat mussels – but my parents will! This was different than your typical shellfish/lemon/butter mixture – it had a bit of heat and it tasted like Thai food.

I need to thank both of my parents too. My father made the rice – because quite simply, I can’t get rice done right. I need to get one of those rice cookers…because I can NEVER get it right. If I want to make rice on my own – I have to buy those pre-made rice packets that you stick in the microwave for 90 seconds. Otherwise, the rice will burn -EVERY SINGLE TIME!

It amazes me that I can make egg rolls from the ground up, home made pizza, pot stickers and stuffed pork loin (umm no…not all at once for the same meal) but I CAN NOT make the world’s most popular staple…rice. Thanks Dad for the rice cooking.

I also need to thank my mother. When I visit my parents – sometimes I like to cook a meal. Not only is it nice to cook for the people who fed me the better part of my life. But when I visit them, I usually have the time and the energy to put together a dinner. BUT the kitchen is ALWAYS a huge mess when I am done. I try to clean it up the best that I can – but my mother always jumps in and finishes it. So thanks Ma.

Which brings me to the next Guy Fieri meal I made – “The French Pig Pizza.”  This pizza combines brie cheese, leeks, apple and pancetta on a home made crust.

Guy Fieri offers a pizza crust recipe in his book, which I have used before. But in this case, I used a family recipe (thank you, Aunt Deana!). You could also use store bought crust (the kind that is dough that needs baking…not the premade crust) But, I trust my dough (or Aunt Deana’s dough, that is) so I did my own.

This is actually one of the EASIEST recipes in the book. You need very few ingredients and the time to cook it is VERY fast. Also, the taste is INCREDIBLE. This would be a very good appetizer if cut into smaller pieces. Perfect for cocktail hour. IT’s VERY heavy though (in a good way) so go easy.

One tip – if you are expecting to have leftovers – drizzle the olive oil and balsamic on the pieces as you are serving them individually. We poured it on the pizza before serving – and now there’s leftovers that I fear might be a bit soggy. Even so –this was a great recipe.

NOW back to the kitchen. I really tried my best to keep the flour for my dough making in one spot – but it seriously got ALL OVER the kitchen! We were finding it the next morning in some weird places. So – perhaps I will pre make my dough at home in Windsor before bringing it to the East Bay to my mothers and keep the flour catastrophe confined to my own space.

Hopefully she found the pizza worth all the clean up. I suspect she did.

Here's the recipe for “Spicy Steamed Mussels” but I could NOT FIND the French Pig Pizza recipe! You'll have to get the book...or give me a call...because I am too tired from cleaning flour to type it up here on my blog!

Not sure what the next recipe is - I've been thinking of Chicken Pozole - and now that we finally have some rain, I might just do it! Good for a rainy night!


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