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Pork Blade Steak Piccata
Posted 9/26/2013 12:06:00 PM

I can cook Dijon Chicken. I can make potstickers pretty much from the ground up. I can make Linguine with Clams. I can make Chicken Avacado Eggrolls that would RIVAL the ones at Tex Wasabi…but…I cannot make pork.

It’s either overcooked (which makes it dry and rubbery) or undercooked (which freaks me out) It’s gritty, gamey, meaty and nasty and I’ve had enough.

Actually – I was able to do Guy’s “Summer Grilled Pork” and it was awesome. I also made his “Pesto Grilled Pork” – which I blogged about…but don’t remember making or eating (so I guess it’s a good thing I keep this blog!)

But, the past two times I made pork…it went right downhill…and fast. It’s depressing.

The time before this, I made some pork recipe I found on the internet cuz I had two leftover pork chops from the Jambalaya Sandwiches. Maybe there is something wrong with my meat thermometer – but I could NOT get it to the right temperature – and then, when it was finally there, it was overdone.

This recipe was Pork Blade Piccata. The marinade was nice. The recipe was easy. The pork came from a high end shop…and it turned out hideously. It’s not Guy’s fault. It’s my fault for not knowing how to handle and deal with Pork. Or maybe it’s my meat thermometer’s fault. Yes, let’s blame that.

OH! And one more thing – I couldn’t grill this recipe because I FORGOT to spray the stupid barbecue with the stupid non-stick spray before I put the meat on it! So I put the meat down for like one sec and then went “Aw POO! There’s no spray!” So, I unceremoniously ripped the Pork Steak from the grill and brought it in to do it on the stove top…which may have been my downfall.

It’s a sad case. I’ll include the pic just so you can see it. Good thing you don’t have to taste it.

Next recipe? I am having an urge to get into working with dough again…so how about some Pretzels? (Guy is FAMOUS for those!)

Wish me luck…at least they won’t be PORK PRETZELS!

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