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Jambalaya Sandwiches
Posted 8/27/2013 5:34:00 PM

Not too much to say about the creation of this recipe - BUT I can say, it turned out REALLY good.

For some reason, I am not much of a Jambalaya fan.I think under general circumstances the combination of the meat and the rice is just not something I am keen on, but having it on a sandwich makes it MUCH better.

The only ridiculous thing that happened - and this was INCREDIBLY stupid on my part was this. I felt that for this recipe each ingredient should be cut up and prepared in advance so all one had to do was throw it together. BUT I somehow ran out of small plates, so I resorted to organzing most of my ingredients on little styrofoam plates.

This was all fine and dandy, until I took the HOT bacon out of the pan and put it BACK onto the styrofoam plate. WOW does styrofoam melt FAST when you put hot back on it! It developed  holes rather quickly! I managed to salvage most of the bacon. but you will see in the picture rotator thingy my plate with the holes in it in the garbage can. Nice.

Overall though - a pretty good meal. One to make for guests -or like Guy did, for a Super Bowl (or some kinda sports watching party)

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