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Confetti Mashed Potato Flautas with Hot Tomatillo Sauce
Posted 4/14/2013 2:42:00 PM

Funny how I’ve been on the quest to cook all the recipes from Guy Fieri’s cookbook for almost two years and I finally got around to cooking the first recipe in the book !

It was “Confetti Mashed Potato Flautas with Hot Tomatillo Sauce!”

First, lemme talk about the tomatillos sauce. This is fun to make cuz you can cut up the tomatillos and they way they pop and squirt their insides all over is kinda fun. If you’ve never bought tomatillos before and you are wondering if they are hard to find etc…they aren’t. I actually got a big ol’ can at Foodmaxx in Santa Rosa.  I was REALLY hungry when I made this recipe and the tomatillo sauce turned out SO GOOD, I could have made this on it’s own and then eaten it with a spoon.

Actually, this was one recipe that I grazed so much on in the kitchen, by the time I put dinner out, I wasn’t hungry. NOT that that stopped me from EATING or anything…I’m just sayin’.

The potato mixture for the flautas themselves was especially good on it’s own. You could whip that up with some good grilled steaks and fresh tomatoes on the side and use it for a side dish.

Honestly IN the flautas (which are deep fried) the potatoes felt like they needed something. Usually when this happens it’s my fault AND I read the reviews of the recipe online and nobody seemed to have this problem. So, I perhaps didn’t put in enough peppers.

I had a ton of leftover potatoes, so decided to make baked flautas later in the week – so I kicked up the recipe with some cumin and extra jalepenos – that seemed to do the trick.

Also, this recipe is a good lesson in peppers. I used pasilla peppers to cut up and put inside and I never knew what those looked like before – they were HUGE! You’ll need a jalepeno and Serrano pepper too. If you need fresh peppers – there’s tons at Foodmaxx in big ol’ boxes. There’s a decent variety, so you can just pick what you need.

So – not a whole lot of craziness or adventures with this one – but once you start making flautas – you could start doing some fun stuff and filling them with meat too. These would be good if you are having a big party or some people over to watch the game.

Next recipe…Firecracker Wings – which would be the second recipe in the book and one I’ve been wanting to do for a loooong time! Also, it’s time to take the cover off the grill (no, I’m not yet someone who grills “rain, sleet, snow, heck or high water.”..but maybe one day soon!)

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