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Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp
Posted 2/28/2013 12:49:00 PM

I don’t believe it! I just wrote this whole blog and then the computer froze and then I LOST all of it! So…now I am just gonna write bullet points…cuz it’s not quite the adventure the calamari was. It was Louisiana Grilled Shrimp and it turned out good. So here’s the gist of the situation:

1) I made this dish cuz my dad loves shrimp. He was visiting, so I made it for him.

2) This dish calls for lots of butter. I normally never sacrifice the integrity of a recipe or change the ingredients, but in this case I did because my dad had a quintuple bypass in December 2011. So, I used “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” – I think this caused the dish to turn out runnier than intended – but it was still pretty good.

3) You want to use Jumbo Shrimp for  this – they are somehow more satisfying.

4) Pilsners can be hard to find sometimes (we got ours at Pohley’s Mkt in Windsor)

5) Speaking of my dad and the quintuple – I am NOT fun to hang around with for them. I am full of “you aren’t going to drink that – are you?” “You’re not going to order THAT from the menu…are you?” It’s terrible…he’s lucky he doesn’t live with me – I am very naggy. But hey – love’s tough.

Not sure what I am cooking next – MAYBE the Tequila Chicken Soup  (I think it’s has some cream in it – I’m at work, so I don’t have my cookbook with me)

In ANY case…that’ll teach me not to save my work!

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