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Posted 1/28/2013 6:43:00 PM

I write to you from my dining room table.

This is where I get work done when I have something cooking on the stove. When I don’t have something cooking on the stove – I go into my home office and eat salad and Lean Cuisines (actually, I really try not to eat those so much anymore since I learned to cook…but they are quick and easy and I am trying to lose weight – so they turn up in my freezer now and then)

Since I last blogged, I’ve made three recipes and I have one cooking on the stove right now (Queen Korina’s Beef Salad) Ok, I know it sounds weird to have a salad cooking on the stove – but I have to simmer the flank steak for the salad. I am LOVING it too. I forgot how nice it is to have the smell of something warm on the stove and how it make your whole house fragrant. Sometimes I walk past my neighbors houses and smell their cooking and think “ohhhh they are making something wonderful…perhaps they’re cooking dinner for ME!” – and that is like never the case, but it’s fun to think.

So, let’s go back in time a bit and recap some of the recipes I’ve made and the adventures I’ve had.

I made the Guytalian Nachos. My first situation was that I could NOT find the peppadew peppers. I went to Foodmaxx and Olivers and could NOT find them. I finally texted Guy (which is not something I do often, I don’t want to bug him about peppers and cooking oil and things…but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do) and he told me you can find them in the olive bar at Safeway. SO I went to the Safeway in Windsor and found some red peppers in a little container in their Olive Bar and they matched the picture of the peppadew’s I found on my iPhone.  Actually, they were mixed in with peppers of other kinds…so I took the tongs that were provided and picked out the red ones. Then, I felt kinda bad because they were left with mostly green ones after that and I imagined someone who worked at Safeway would notice and then be a little miffed that some sneaky customer snuck in and took all the reds.

But you know what’s WORSE? I did it TWICE! You see, what happens… and this is a big problem in my household. Is that I buy ingredients for a recipe or two – and THEN I don’t have time to cook the recipe…so the ingredients go bad. I really have to figure out a way to rectify this situation. So…several days later…there I was at Safeway again…picking through the peppers with the tongs.

Overall, the recipe turned out pretty good. Might be a good one for you to try for Super Bowl.  BUT serve it IMMEDIATELY because it will go cold fast!

I also made the Sangria Shrimp. There was not too much crazy about this one and it turned out pretty good. Another good idea for Super Bowl Sunday.

Most recently, I made the Guy’s Super Thai Beef Salad. This was another reminder of how much I LOVE the flavors in thai food. It is SUCH a joy to cook and marry flavors that you don’t use every day.

From the lime juice to the fish sauce to the mint. SO GOOD. The ingredients reminded me of the Saigon Beef Subs I made last year.

SO – the flank steak is about to finish on the stove, so I’ll give you a update on that when I have it. More great flavor combos there!

Since I am in LOVE with Thai Cooking right now – my next recipe will be the Shrimp and Chicken Tom Kai Gai!

The pictures in the rotating thingy are the Thai Salad, the Guytalian Nachos from out of the oven, Guytalian nachos prepped and the Sangria Shrimp!

Below are the links for some of  the recipes referenced in this blog…I couldn't find the "My Super Thai Beef Salad" online

Guytalian Nachos

Sangria Shrimp

Queen Korina's Salad

Saigon Subs

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