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Pork and Watermelon Tacos!
Posted 11/16/2012 5:07:00 PM

There are certain things that people will and will not eat…

Rob won’t do sour cream, mushrooms, mayonnaise, ribs or buffalo wings.  He doesn’t like creamy things and he thinks the ribs and buffalo wings are too much of an effort for not enough payback.

My mother won’t do oysters. She says they are like boogers. She also won’t do watermelon (more on this later)

I am not a lamb lover (though I did make Guys lamb with Blackberry Marsala Sauce…not bad) but mostly, I think lamb is gamey. And I am not really into salmon…or most fish (outside of shell fish)

My Dad. My dad will eat anything. It’s true.

So, when it came to the Pork and Watermelon tacos, I knew my dad would be game, and I would have to make them on a night where just he and I were hanging out. My mom went to visit the family in Canada – so my Dad came up to Windsor for a visit – and we busted out the Pork and Watermelon Tacos.

Now, he had a great idea. When you make this recipe, you only need like a cup or so of Watermelon – so he was like “why not just get the pre-cut watermelon instead of the whole thing?” We did. Good thinking. There was less waste (because I am sure I wouldn’t have eaten much more watermelon) and less mess.

That night, we had gone out with a friend for some drinks and it was getting a bit late in the evening, and we didn’t even have the pork tenderloin yet. When we left the bar, I was like “Oh my gosh…are we sure we want to take this one?” But we did, and I am glad.

It was a healthy recipe and I served it with brown rice. I am always trying to feed my dad healthy stuff. He had a quintuple bypass last December and I am always thinking of his delicate new arteries and I don’t want them to suffer. Truth is, at this point, he’s probably better off than I am.

In fact, I am always nagging him about food “You can’t eat that” “Don’t eat that” “Can’t you see that has mayonnaise?” Even my mother was like “Wow, and you think I nag you a lot!”

SO – the recipe turned out pretty tasty and if you have leftovers, they make a great little salsa for the next night if you want to bust out the pork again or maybe some chicken.

Next up, I want to make Guytalian Nachos. They were one of the recipes that was criticized by the dude in the New York Times Article…and since it’s in the Guy book, it seems only right that I stand up, bust out and make them. I am sure they will rock!


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