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Cajun Chicken Alfredo and all my food tastes like soap…
Posted 8/6/2012 12:07:00 PM

So this one is pretty straight forward, it’s when I tried to re-heat the leftovers that things got adventurous.


I made Cajun Chicken Alfredo, and if memory serves, they have this on the menu at Johnny Garlic’s too. And I tell ya I ALMOST got it close to tasting like it does at the restaurant! Awesome. Always nice when that happens.


I have never blackened anything – so it was pretty fun to do it with the chicken and figure out how it works. You use Guy Fieri’s blackening spice recipe (in the book) so that was pretty fun and it didn’t use huge quantities of spices, there was just enough for the chicken.


My chicken and pasta were a bit overdone, because as I was cooking I was instant messaging my mother and messing around on Facebook…so I messed a couple of things up…I have to remember I am way too inexperienced at this cooking thing to be dilling around on Social Networks when I should be paying attention to dinner.


So, I made the recipe, sat down, ate my dinner and it was a lovely time.


The NEXT night, I reheated the leftovers (if I don’t share my Guy recipes with anyone else, I will often eat them night after night…I think I had Sloppy Joe’s for a week!) and here’s what happene…they tasted like soap.


In fact, half the things I make in my house…taste like soap. And I THINK it’s the cookware that I am using. I think the non-stick surface has picked up the smell of the soap that I am using at the sink and it’s seriously ruining my food.


I told my mother (again, on the Instant Messenger) about this and she told me to see a doctor…that I might have a medical condition of some sort. I said “no, it’s when I cook with this cookware” She goes “ok well I think you should see a doctor” and we went back and forth for a spell, til I finally said “No, it is NOT a medical condition…it’s the cookware! When I cook with other cookware, I don’t have this problem.” Then…she disappeared from the Instant Messenger. Uh Oh.


I thought I had offended her or something….turns out her internet connection just dropped.

Point being, if you have any suggestions to get the soap taste out of my cookware (or whatever else in my house happens to taste like soap) please send them along.


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In the meantime, the next recipe I am making is “Baltimore Beef Badboys.” This recipe requires 4 lbs (Wow! Talk about eating something for a week) of Top Round…I am a bit stuck, cuz I don’t really know what Top Round is. But like the pork loin and sushi grade ahi…I will learn – and that is the beauty of this…


Until next time…

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