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Very Fresh Shrimp Cocktail, Homemade Ketchup, and Saigon Subs!
Posted 6/21/2012 4:37:00 PM

Well.... I was going to make a nice video for my production of Saigon Subs...but when I am at home, and I am cooking, I often don't have make-up on, sometimes I am in my gym clothes and my hair is a mess. Now, this might not bother you, and I thank you for that - but I am the one who has to edit the video together...and therefore, I am the one who has to look at it the most...and I don't want to look at myself all a mess for that long a period of time. So, for now, there are no pictures or video of the Saigon Subs.

BUT I can tell you that they were AMAZING. This was a combination of ingredients I would NEVER think to put together. Mint! Cilantro! Cucumbers marinated in brown sugar and soy sauce! Here's the recipe:

My only complaint is that it turned out a bit salty. But I am going to tell you right now, that is not Guy's fault. It's mine. My fault because I don't know how to braise. FIRST I got braising and brining confused, because I thought I had to brine the meat first, and I couldn't find a day last week where I had enough time to brine the meat and then cook the meal. Then, I realized that braising is totally different. Here's the definition for brining and here's the definiton of braising.

So, once I got braising figured out - I also began to worry...about the liquid evaporating too quickly and leaving my meat frying instead of braising...and my fear came true! I put the meat on, cleaned the kitchen, proceded to work out with my Nintendo Wii...and I go back to the pot (about an hour or so into cooking) and the liquid is GONE! So, the only thing I could think to do is to add all the ingredients I had already used in the recipe back in. That meant more soy sauce...which - even with low sodium soy - it turned out a bit salty.

I would really like to try this recipe in a crock-pot, I just can't work out the timing - how long should it be in the crock pot relative to the time it would be on the stove?

But, no matter, this was a FUN meal to eat. And VERY filling. I had these on smaller soft rolls, and I didn't think one would fill me up - but it did BIG time. So, keep that in mind when eating this meal and preparing your side dishes,

Backtracking...about a week before the Saigon Subs, I made Fire Roasted Shrimp Cocktail. The recipe is here. I also did Guy's Grilled Ketchup - but I cannot find the recipe online to paste it for you. This Shrimp Cocktail was NICE. It was hearty (because you use big ol' shrimp) and very fresh tasting. Please make this for a summer party. I had it for dinner with brown rice and Asian Salad (the bagged kind...sorry Guy) and I served it in margarita glasses instead of martini glasses - because with the margarita glasses, I could make a big ol' serving.

The next recipe I am looking to do is the Cajun Chicken Alfred.

I am just about to celebrate a year of making Guy's recipes - and I have to think of a way to make that special...any suggestions?  I did a rough count, and I have made 39 recipes so far. That includes cocktails and the side recipes (like pico-de-gallo) and I have learned a TON.

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