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Chicken Dijon and Goody Girl Chanpionship Potatoes
Posted 4/15/2012 4:49:00 PM

This is a very simple, straightforward blog. Not too many adventures with this one...I just cooked it.

It was Chicken Dijon and Goody Girl Championship Potatoes and it was for Easter Dinner for myself and a friend - and it turned out GOOD. Well...the chicken did.

Made with two different kinds of mustard, swiss cheese and cooked to perfection, the Chicken Dijon is a dish that can be a good standby recipe for entertaining...or when you are itching for that kinda mustard taste. REALLY good. I am trying to think of some ways to "Health it Up" so I can serve it to my dad (NASCAR Dad) since he had his bypass surgery.

Now, the Goody Girl potatoes were another story. Honestly, they had no taste. And I don't think it was Guy Fieri's fault...I think it was my fault. I think I didn't add enough cayenne and paprika...Even my friend agreed it had no taste (NOW - I am never offended if someone doesn't like something I make. Because food is subjective. Ya like it, or you don't like it. I figure if nobody has fallen off their chair and has  burst into hives while clutching their throat, then, I've done pretty good) So - if I do them again...they will need more spices.

I also had to cook the potatoes with a bag of crab boil. There were two small problems with this:

1) I didn't know if you threw the bag in the boiling water intact...OR if you cut it open and let all the little seeds come out. So, thanks to our Facebook friends, I left it in the bag.

2) I ended up with this STUPID song that Rob always plays in our morning show stuck in my head. For your pleasure, I will post the video here: (this gets really weird, especially when the little cartoon guy starts leaping across the screen)

All of that being said - the Chicken Dijon was just awesome.

NEXT - I just bought ALL the ingredients for Sloppy Joe's...except for the meat. SO - by the middle of this week - it will be Sloppy Joes in my kitchen!

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