Gassin’ up the truck..loadin’ up your cart..ain’t exactly extravagant living.  Then why’s it cost so dang much?

We’re here to help with the Froggy Gas & Groceries Game!

The name says it all-  your shot to score $200 in gas and $200 in groceries, twice a day, every weekday this fall!

We’ll play you three Froggy songs that mention gas or groceries...if you can identify all three, you win!

Every morning at 640am Rob & Joss reveal your times to win!  Starting Monday October 22nd!

Pssst...if you MISS Rob & Joss @ 640a, text the letters GG to the number 77000 to find out the next playtime!


Images on this page feature the work of this cool cat and this neato burrito dude

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