If Splash had a shot for you to sneak backstage and MEET Toby Keith, you’d probably wanna know right away, huh?

What about if Dano had iPads for you to score?  Or if Rob & Joss had Taylor Swift tickets?

Get in the know RIGHT NOW with Frognation Mobile!

TEXT the word Froggy to the number 77000 right now to get in.  No…we’re not gonna fill up your Inbox with a bunch of junk.  But we WILL give you a heads up on all the awesome stuff going on with Froggy 92.9!

Don't have your phone handy?  You can sign up right here on the website too:

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LOVE free stuff?! join THESE text clubs for a chance at more deals here in Sonoma County! 

  TEXT: MVSHOPS to 77000

TEXT: PIZZA to 68255

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