We all know the best part of your birthday is the free cash. Too bad it only happens once a year.

Well not anymore!

Instantly win FREE CASH just by texting us!

Text the word BIRTHDAY and your birth date to 77000, then listen to Froggy every weekday at 9,2, and 5.

When you hear your birthday, be the first caller and instantly win $100 in CASH. 



Official Contest Rules:

Prize can be picked up the following Tuesday after 1pm after winning

Birthdays to be announced will be generated in advance of play times by random computer drawing.

Persons who text their birthdays to 77000 will receive a bounce back message inviting them to join the KFGY Mobile Club. Message and data rates apply.

Listeners may opt out of the club at any time by texting STOP to 77000.

Winners will need to show proof of their date of birth at the radio station before claiming their prize.

Barring the failure of telephone equipment, the failure of a person with the birthday announced to call, or other unforeseen circumstances, KFGY expects to award a cash prize every time a birthday is announced.

KFGY and Sonoma Media Group are not responsible for any breakdown in telecommunications or other equipment or circumstances including human error that prevent any listener from getting through to win a prize.

The decision by station personnel as to who is the first listener with the birthday announced to get through to the studio is final.

Contest rules, prize amounts and dates are subject to change upon announcement.

Rob & Joss

Weekdays 5am to 10am