Cricket's Bio

Cricket on Scooty, Photo: Ben AronoffMy name is Cricket and I am your midday host on Froggy 92.9. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, but radio jobs brought me here to Sonoma County. I thought that nothing could be better than Seattle, the mountains of the Northwest, and the lush green scenery in Washington State, but I have to admit that Sonoma County has really grown on me. I love the dry brown hills of summer here, and they way they turn purple at sunrise and sunset. And honestly, the rain was a bit much in Washington. So thanks for letting me stay!
Another great thing about Sonoma County is that I met my sweetie here, Mr. Cricket. We got hitched on New Year's Eve 2006 during a fun shindig in Reno, NV. We had Elvis Glasses for everyone and feather boas for those who felt so inclined. And because we got married on New Year's Eve there were fireworks at the end of the night! (wink wink)
When I married Mr. Cricket I gained a daughter and I am very proud of her. She is 8 years old and very dramatic. Her favorite things to do include making up new songs (most of which are operatic), create new art projects, and laugh with me and her dad. I am pretty lucky to be her step mom.
I am a big fan of the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market and go there every week to check out what's new and come up with fun recipes. Check em out!
As you can see in my photo, I am a scooter owner. And not just any scooter: meet Scooty! I bought Scooty from Thin Katie, our morning traffic reporter. Thin Katie moved on to a motorcycle (Ninjie) and was shopping Scooty around in April 2008. I decided it was a perfect opportunity to try a new mode of transportation. I took scooter/motorcycle safety classes (which are awesome) and I am now an exclusive scooter rider. I got rid of my car in September 2008. I spend about 2 bucks per week in gas! We will see how the rainy season treats me.
Now that everyone carries mp3 players around, it is highly unlikely that anyone would ever get caught with only 3 cds worth of music. But naming your top three CDs you would take with to a deserted island is fun. So here are mine:
Matt the Electrician Nina Simone Willie NelsonCricket's Favorite CDsMatt the Electrician - Made For Working
Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits (and Some That Should Be)
Nina Simone - The Blues
5 Things You Never Knew About Cricket:
I have a scar on my right hand, which was the result of hand surgery when I was 12. I fell off a bicycle and needed to repair torn ligaments. Ouchie. Now because of that scar, I can tell when the weather is changing because it starts to ache.
I speak fluent German.
My favorite cereal is Grapenuts. I like them when they have been sitting in milk for a little while, but not too long or else they get mushy. Plus I think it is funny that there are neither grapes nor nuts in Grapenuts.
I collect metal lunch boxes. My favorite is a Pigs In Space lunchbox that my sister gave me.
The only time I have ever seen all three Star Wars movies (the original trilogy) back to back was in France and they were all in French.  Luc, je suis ton pere!


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