NASCAR Dad Covers Martinsville AND his trip to see Garth Brooks!

Posted 3/30/2015 10:50:00 AM

FIRST NASCAR Dad jumped on the bus with Rob and Joss to see Garth Brooks in Sacramento! THEN he settled in to see the race from Martinsville. NASCAR Dad coveres BOTH topics in this NASCAR Report!

NASCAR Dad Covers Fontana 2015

Posted 3/24/2015 4:33:00 PM

Rob and Joss talk to NASCAR Dad not only about the race at Fontana - BUT they chat about all of the things that were a little off at his house over the weekend!

NASCAR Dad Covers the LAST Race of 2014!

Posted 11/17/2014 11:29:00 AM

It was laughter, it was tears (of joy) for the last race of the season! Who won the Sprint Cup Championship? What does NASCAR Dad think? Who LOST the bet between Joss and NASCAR Dad? Find out here!

NASCAR Dad Covers Texas and Gordon and Bad Brad's Fight!

Posted 11/5/2014 10:19:00 AM

It was another fight at NASCAR over the weekend! NASCAR Dad covers the race at Texas and the FIGHT!

NASCAR Dad Covers Martinsville!

Posted 10/27/2014 11:46:00 AM

The chase is getting down to the end with only three races left! NASCAR Dad covers the race at Martinsville AND finds out about how Joss was spying on him and her mom while they were on vacation!

FIGHT! FIGHT! NASCAR Dad Covers Charlotte

Posted 10/13/2014 4:52:00 PM

While Joss and NASCAR Dad enjoyed an evening at Petaluma Speedway - they got a text from Rob that there was a FISTFIGHT at Charlotte! What happened? What will the consequences be? NASCAR Dad talks all about it here.


The pic is a collage from Joss' and NASCAR Dad's night at Petaluma Speedway!

NASCAR Dad Covers Kansas City!

Posted 10/6/2014 6:39:00 PM

We're getting down to the nitty gritty with NASCAR talkin' about the race in Kansas City! But first, Joss has to wish her dad a Happy Birthday and give him a hint about his present!


Posted 9/29/2014 10:02:00 AM

The end of the NASCAR season is nearing and it's getting verrry interesting. NASCAR Dad covers the Monster Mile at Dover on his NEW and FIRST Smartphone!

NASCAR Dad Talks New Hampshire!

Posted 9/22/2014 4:20:00 PM

NASCAR Dad loves his races - but he took off his NASCAR hat and put on an A's hat the other night for a trip to the Oakland Coliseum. He noticed one distinct difference between the fans at races and the fans at other sporting events!

NASCAR Dad Covers Chicago

Posted 9/15/2014 12:43:00 PM

NASCAR Dad covers Chicago in this report...but he kinda wandered out of the house - so you'll get to hear Joss' Mom try her hand at reading NASCAR Dad's Notes!


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