There's a reason we're named Froggy
92.9, it's a big dang signal!  Flip on the ol' FM radio in the car or at home, and you'll find Froggy just about anywhere you need in Sonoma County.  But there is this funky little spot in Bennet Valley that can cause trouble, which is why we fired up 103.1 FM!  It's the same great Froggy radio you love, just on an extra signal ;-)


Forget workin' in the field or being stuck on the assembly line, in the 2000s, you're probably stuck at a computer, huh?  Ick!  That's why Froggy is streaming LIVE online, 24/7.  Just CLICK RIGHT HERE!


...and when you're not stuck at the work computer, you're thumbing around on the iPhone/iPad thingy, aren't ya?  We're streaming there too!  CLICK RIGHT HERE, and don't forget to Add to Home Screen to make future listening super easy!


Oh, you one of those Droid/Blackberry/Windows Phone/Palm rebels?  A tech maverick, eh?  We like it.  Find Froggy on the TuneIn Radio App, RIGHT HERE!




Weekdays 10am to 3pm