6 Odd Blake Shelton Must-Have Items

Blake has some hardcore fans for sure.  When they open their umbrella in the rain, they wish BLAKE was on it.  Thank God for Amazon!!  Check below for some truly weird Shelton Stuff:

1. Blake Shelton Clock


Hey look! It’s Blake o’clock!

2. Blake Shelton Umbrella

980x (2)

To get ya through those dreary days.

3. Blake Shelton Pill Box


Why? Because why not?

4. Blake Shelton Prayer Flag

980x (1)

Looks more like a lawn flag to us…also since when was Blake on another planet??

5. Blake Shelton Outlet Cover

980x (3) 41m9Y6DU7BL

(You’ve got options)

6. Blake Shelton Fanny Pack

980x (4)

To carry all your Blake Shelton stuff, duh.