Zac Brown Involved in a Drug Bust


The drug bust went down Friday at 5:30am in Palm Beach, Florida.

Cops got a call about a suspicious vehicle in front of the Four Seasons, and ended up arresting a man in the car for possession of more that 30 grams of cocaine. The man told cops he had come there with 2 women, who were up in one of the rooms.

Cops went and checked out the room and found nine people partying, Zac Brown being one of them. One guy was arrested for marijuana and 2 women were arrested for cocaine.

Sources told TMZ that Zac was in the room and was questioned. He was in possession of prescription pills, and he had to show proof that it was a doctor prescription.

However, Zac was NOT included in the police report.

Zac's publicist told TMZ that they didn't have anything to add to the story.

UPDATE 4/15/16- 8am: The arresting cops were apparently HUGE fans of Zac's, so they lied on the police report to keep his name out of it. Zac asked them to keep him out of the report to protect his wife and kids.

Several of the officers even asked for his autograph, and it's being reported that one of the cops mocked a woman they arrested for not knowing who he was.