The Froggy 92.9 $5,000 Fugitive Strikes Again!

This morning at 7:00am we got the dreaded call from the Froggy 92.9 $5,000 Fugitive offering us yet another clue to their whereabouts. 

We came to the horrifying realization during the course of the call, that he/she/it was IN our house. Rob immediately went home and discovered the mess that was left behind. Apparently The Froggy 92.9 $5,000 Fugitive made themselves breakfast (while breaking an EGG on the floor) and wrote "Missed Me" on the counter with the last of our mustard. But even more telling was the gas station receipt that was left behind. $10 worth of gas, bought at a Shell station…that we haven't been to in a long time.
Our cat is terrorized. Our mustard is used up. A gas station receipt has been left behind…and the Froggy 92.9 $5,000 Fugitive is still on the loose… #catchthem #froggy5000fugitive

IMG_0160   IMG_0161

IMG_0162   IMG_0163

IMG_0165   IMG_0166

And our poor cat hiding in the dark…