Dead Guy in an Envelope

He’s Famous. You Get One Guess. No Clues. WHO is the Dead Guy in an Envelope?

It might be creepy, it might be odd, but it’s an easy way to grab $1,000 (and whatever pocket change Rob and Joss have to add to the pile). Every morning at 8:50, Rob and Joss will ask you to call (707-636-1467) to guess the “Dead Guy in an Envelope.” It will be any well known guy from history, television, movies, music, politics, culture, sports etc. Take your guess and you could be the lucky winner.

There’s only two people who know who the “Dead Guy in an Envelope” is. That would be Rob and Jenn the Promotions Director.

See below for all the wrong guesses for “Dead Guy in an Envelope.”


It’s Not Jack London!

The Jackpot is still $1,006. 59

It’s Not Tiny Tim!
The Jackpot is Now $1,006.59!


It’s Not Ted Bundy!

The Jackpot is NOW $1,005.59


It’s Not John Wayne!


It’s Not Jerry Lewis!


It’s Not John Denver!




It’s Not Davey Jones!


It’s Not John Ritter


It’s Not Elvis Presley!

The Jackpot is Now $1,005.50


It’s Not Leonard Nimoy!!!!


It’s Not Walter Brennan!


It’s Not Michael Landon!


It’s Not Alan Thicke!


It’s Not Kenny Stabler!


It’s Not Stephen Hawking


It’s Not John Candy!

It’s Not Leslie Nielsen!

The Jackpot Is Now $1,004.75


It’s Not Alan Rickman!


It’s Not Col. Sanders!


It’s Not George Burns

It’s Not Lou Gehrig!


It’s Not Andrew Jackson!

It’s Not Prince!


It’s Not Louis Armstrong!



It’s Not Frank Sinatra

The Current Jackpot $1,002.59


It’s Not Hank Williams Sr.


It’s Not Elvis Presley

It’s also not Charles Manson, but it creeped Joss out 
to look for his picture, so it’s not here. 

It’s Not Bob Hope!


It’s Not David Bowie

It’s Not Jimi Hendrix

The Jackpot is at $1,002.06


It’s Not Michael Jackson!

The Jackpot is NOW $1,002.06


It’s Not Patrick Swayze!


It’s Not Paul Walker!


FILE–John Denver is shown in New York in a Feb. 23, 1976, file photo. According to family, Denver, who scored hits with melodic, light folk-pop songs like “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and “Rocky Mountain High,” was killed in a plane crash Sunday night, Oct. 12, 1997, in California. He was 53. (AP Photo/File)

It’s Not John Denver
The Jackpot is $1,000.75


Cast member Robin Williams arrives at the premiere of “World’s Greatest Dad” in Los Angeles on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

It’s Not Robin Williams!
Jackpot is now $1,000.75


It’s Not Marty Robbins!
The Jackpot Stays at $1,000